Remote Helsinki 2018

Take your team  for 
an A.I. walk.

A great fun for the team — a great joy for an employee
For whom?
There should be at least 4 persons in a group.
Team building organizers
Stuck with coming up with an idea of a team event? Tried too many restaurants, escape rooms, saunas, pic-nicks? We are great, outstanding and new.
Office party makers
Work for IT, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Education, Entertainment, Financial services, Health care, Mass media, Creative industries or Government? People of all professions love what we offer.
Get 5% discount if you pay the tour in 2 days after you submit the form
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You question
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You will walk in a headphones, guided by Artificial Intelligence. Remote Helsinki is performance beginning at the oldest Helsinki cemetery and ending on unique city roof top.

What does it mean A.I. tour?

There will be no physical guide, but you will be accompanied by 2 of our technical staff members. When we meet at the starting point we will give you a set of headphones and since then you will hear all directions from the voice. Do what the voice tells you to do. The voice is an Artificial Intelligence.

Group size?
4 persons are minimum, 60 max. The tour is private walk and you will be in your group all the way.

Have never seen my team so engaged. It was really a great event. You should definitely go and immerse yourself.
Juho Rautvaara, TBWA/Helsinki
Unique experience that takes you through the heart of Helsinki. I've simply never experienced anything like this. Surprising, thrilling and fun!
Maija Leivo, Huawei
Almost all of the traditional means of event making have been renewed.
Pia Parkkinen, YLE
Somewhat futuristic experience where we saw our city in a new view. Remote fits well even for quiet and introverted Finns!
Emmi Tamminen, Ministry of Education
Remote Helsinki manages to mesmerize its audience, but not by escapism. Here is the reality and everyday life itself experience.
Isabella Rothberg, HBL
This was a fun and a mind-blowing experience. The themes the voices in the headphones spoke of were fascinating and at times serious, but there was also a lot of humour. It really saved our day and corporate event.
Jessica Larsen, Oracle
For the experimental ones of us!
Laura Kytölä, HS
Stuck with coming up with an idea of a team event? Tried too many restaurants, escape rooms, saunas, pic-nicks? We are great, outstanding and new. Team building is an art. It's the same as creating an idea for a present to your wife. You can't make it all the same thought out the years. You have to be creative with team building. What about A.I. guided city tour? Helsinki is small, especially in the center. Our Artificial intelligence can show you a different city. Look to all our reviews in Facebook or TripAdvisor. What are they all our client are talking about? - «It's new, fresh, never seen before». Most of the reviews made my city locals by the way. And it's correct. Let's add on top that the A.I. tour is greatly fits groups from 4 to 60 people. People of all professions love this experience. May be it's time for your team to try this fresh team building activity in Helsinki? It's cost reasonable money. We have been doing this tour for 3 years already and waiting for your team to come and experience it. This tour is a true performance that is easy to pass. You will not have to solve any puzzles, or overcome obstacles. You will walk listening to A.I. and do what she ask you to do. Can you let machine to rule your world for 1,5 hours?

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