Remote Helsinki 2018
#1 tripadvisor

Walk with friends guided by
Artificial Intelligence

Great addition to your bachelor pary
Jessica Larsen-Hossain, Facebook Reviews
This was a fun and a mind-blowing experience. The themes the voices spoke of were fascinating and at times serious, but there was also a lot of humour. I highly recommend this to anyone who's up for a different kind of walking tour/excursion/performance, a unique way to see Helsinki.
Sonia Maria Koo, Facebook reviews
Mind-blowing experience. Both for the mind and the senses to see Helsinki from a different angle. And think. And play with people's reactions (or lack of those).
Kalle Räihä, Facebook reviews
If there's one cultural experience you are going to have this year, it could be this.
Ialanko, Trip Advisor reviews
Very unique experience. Thank you. One our friend has done this before and we followed her advice. And it was good that she didn't give any hints about it except "you realy have to experienced yourself"

Jenny Smith, Trip Advisor
Remote Helsinki works no matter if you are from. As a tourist, this will be most likely one of the most interesting city tours you´ve ever been to. I highly recommend going.
Laura J., Trip Advisor reviews
Clever and intriguing for all ages... we were 10-50 yrs and all got some thoughts out of it. We see our city differently now.
About A.I. city tour
You will walk in a headphones, guided by Artificial Intelligence. You will start at the Hietaniemi cemetery and then descend to the subway, walk the central streets and end on the unique Kamppi rooftop with an overview of the whole city..

What does it mean A.I. tour?

There will be no physical guide, but you will be accompanied by 2 of our technical staff members. When we meet at the starting point we will give you a set of headphones and since then you will hear all directions from the voice. Do what the voice tells you to do. The voice is an Artificial Intelligence.

Group size?

4 persons are minimum, 60 max. The tour is private walk and you will be in your group all the way.
Our A.I. city tour is a great asset for any bachelor party. We imagine that you would like to make something different for that special day, right? Inviting your best friends for a bachelor party you would like to entertain them well, other wise after drinking in sauna they will not remember anything good about you. Make it special. Start your bachelor party day with a A.I. guided city walk. This 1,5 hour walk will bring your friends be together and have a great time walking city through, with purpose. This tour is a true performance that is easy to pass. You will not have to solve any puzzles, or overcome obstacles. But you will walk listening to A.I. and do what she ask you to do. Can you let machine to rule your world for 1,5 hours? If you let your future wife to do so for whole your life, why not to give a robot a chance? We have had many bachelor party teams on our tour before and all of them were really happy after all. When you walk you have to follow the voice, and sometimes it can ask you to dance in the shopping mall, or your group can be split and you will have different experience than your buddy. And it's fun! Yes, the tour is both funny and gives a moment to thing about life. It's also now a boring historical tour, no-no. You will get it when your kid's grow up and you will have to pay the loans. But now get something fresh and experimental. Get the greatest experience for bachelor party with Remote Helsinki, and we guarantee that you will have best party ever.